2017 Convention & Events Registration   June 15, 16, 17

Must be completed no later than May 15, 2017


Deadline for the convention registration will be May 15. A registration late fee of $5.00 will be incurred for any registration after May 15.

Also ensure that your detachment sends in the Delegation Form from your detachment paymaster. This way you are a delegate for your detachment when it comes time for league voting.

Each detachment that registers and has at least 4 or more members (Regular/Associate) in attendance at the convention will receive a Detachment Guidon Flag with your detachment number.  The detachment that has the MOST members in attendance at the convention will also receive a Marine Corps Flag with gold fringe.  **** NOTE: Requirements to be eligible for Guidon and Marine Corps flag are as follows; The names of attendees must appear on the Delegation Form that each detachment paymaster must send in prior to deadline. Each attendee must be checked-in at the registration table at the start of the convention.  Guidons and flag will be presented at the Banquet Dinner.

Example of Detachment Guidon

Marine Corps flag with gold fringe


Complete Registration Form

Name *
List any specific devices that you use like wheelchair, walker, and cane. List any health conditions that may require emergency services.
Service Dog
Reserve your patch. You can pay for patches at convention. Price has not been determined but will likely be between $8 to $12 per patch.
RSVP your tickets for library tour. You will pay for tickets at the library. Depending on how many go will determine final price. Current prices are $29 Regular, $26 for seniors and Free for Active Military. Tours are 3 hours long. The library has wheelchairs for those that may need them.

Once you fill out Registration Form and click submit then click button to buy your banquet dinner tickets.